Price Table for Bergen Boxing Stevne 4

Printed Photos

The photos are printed and calibrated by me, up to A4 size. Bigger prints are printed in a photo lab.
Prices are indicative for printing a single copy.

Photo Size



10×15 print (A6): 40kr 50kr
15×21 print (A5): 50kr 60kr
21×30 print (A4): 75kr 85kr
30×42 Print (A3): 200kr 200kr

Digital Photos

You can select the photos after the show. And photos from the entire show or specific matches can be picked.

If you desire to have specific photos let me know in advance and I can arrange for it.
Prices below are indicative for “pick and chose” photos. For any other service please talk to me.

Quantity File Type Price
Single Fight RAW/TIFF 200kr
Single Fight JPEG 250kr
Single Fight JPEG+RAW/TIFF 350kr

I can also provide some shots from the venue and the weighting session with only 50kr extra.